Container Terminal Service

Our primary service consist of all activities that we bundle under the name depot. This covers everything from the loading of trucks and rail, storage of full and empty containers, storage of full reefer containers including plug-in, Stuffing and stripping and warehousing on both of our facilities in Lat Krabang. We are able to provide reliable, on-time information about all our services and make use of the highest quality of operating equipment, to guarantee 24/7 operations support. The specially zones Stuffing and Stripping yards (CFS) provided your cargo, our customers, employees and stakeholders a safe working environment with a top-notch productivity record. Our warehousing operations are neatly integrated into the CFS process and offer a secure storage area for your cargo.

With Out-of-Gauge Cargo, the dimensions of the cargo exceed the flat rack or open top container by length, width or height, but a container can still be used. Out of Gauge cargo includes things like propellers, flanges or trucks.


Break Bulk significantly exceeds the size and/or weight of a standard container and is therefore handled as non-unitised cargo and normally placed on a bed of flat racks with a large number of lashing points. Beak Bulk cargo includes things like yachts, masts, industrial machines or train carriages.


At a glance
  • We take care of special transit permits and customs clearance
  • Specialised equipment and experienced stevedoring teams
  • Book direct for better value
  • We’ll help find the most cost-effective solution
  • Strategic intermodal connections
  • Warehousing and storage offered for OOG and Break Bulk

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